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Video:How to do a toe touch

with Saleem Habash

Learn how to safely perform a toe touch, one of the most popular moves in cheerleading.See Transcript

Transcript:How to do a toe touch

Hi, my name is Saleem Habash, here at Premier Athletics of Lexington, home of the Kentucky All Stars for Today we’re going to show you how to do a toe touch. Today, Whitney is going to be helping me show you how to execute a good toe touch.
To develop good jumps in general its going to be key to develop good technique, you want to stretch, and you want to build up your muscles.

Toe Touch Prep

In doing a good toe touch we’re going to start off with a prep. Were going to use a low-clap to high-clap prep. The key to the prep is to allow the person to get up on the balls of their feet so they can get a good jump. So she’s going to clap her hands, extend through, get up on the balls of her feet once she locks out.

Performing a Perfect Jump

Now the key to getting power in your jump is to get in an athletic position, so she goes right back down, she’s going to control her body, she’s not going to break ninety degrees with her hips, at this point you want to push off your toes, hitting a nice toe touch. The key to the toe touch is that you roll your hips, snap your legs right back down and back into that athletic position and then stand up to clean up.

Developing a Good Toe Touch

One of the exercises we use to develop a good toe touch is to work on our hip flexors. You’ll get down in a straddle, put your hands by your knees, put your weight in your hands, lift your legs up and down four or five times. And that way you are going to build good hip-flexors to do good toe touches.

The next drill were going to use to develop good toe touches, you're going to need a partner. This is a partner drill we use to really work on your hips. You're going to notice when Whitney does her jump, Maddy gets behind her. She’s going to grab her waste, and as she jumps she’s going to help her engage her core and get into the right position. So you can see here, help her engage her core, and right back down to control it. It's a really good drill to get into the right position for a toe touch.

Toe Touches and Flexibility

Another key to jumps, or especially toe touches, is flexibility. There are many ways to work on your flexibility and its good to stretch as much as you can. This is going to be one stretch that is specific to the toe touch. You're going to get two partners involved here. You’re going to get into a straddle. You’re going to grab the person in front of you and lift your legs up. And your partner behind is going to help you straddle and get into a good toe touch position.

When teaching toe touches, one of the problems we run into is making sure the individual can snap their legs up and back down. One of the drills we do is to get a rubber band and wrap them around their ankles and when they do the toe touch its going to help them extend up and snap right back down. And that’s how you execute a toe touch.

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