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Video:How to do a basket toss

with Saleem Habash

Before you try a basket toss, you must be sure you can execute one safely. See the roles for bases, spots, and fliers, and learn drills to practice before doing a basket toss.See Transcript

Transcript:How to do a basket toss

Hi, my name is Saleem Habash, here at Premier Athletics of Lexington, home of the Kentucky All Stars for Today we're going to show you how to do a basket toss.

Bases in Basket Toss

We're going to go over all the techniques for the bases, the fliers, and all the safety techniques to make sure you get a nice high basket toss and a safe cradle. We're first going to discuss what the bases do in a basket toss. It's going to be really important that your two bases get into an athletic position about shoulder width apart. You're going to grab your own wrist first and then your partner. You're going to lock your arms out and let them dangle, you want them to be loose. And from here you're going to bend your legs, get into an athletic position and stay loose.

Back Spot in Basket Toss

The back spot is going to assist the flier in getting in, but once you get them in you want to assist in grabbing underneath the hands. You're all going to dip together using your hands, drive through as fast as you can, keeping your arms in the air, until you spot the flier coming back down. Control your arms and your legs. It's going to be really important that the back spot gets underneath the armpits. The back spot is responsible for supporting the head and neck making sure nothing goes wrong.

Flier in the Basket Toss

When it comes to the flier in the basket toss it's going to be really important that they can control their own weight. The first thing they are going to do is jump into the basket with some assistance from the back spot. Once they get in they need to put all their weight into their arms, they need to control their own weight. As the basket goes down they are going to stay in the same position.

As she starts to come up and she can't reach her shoulders anymore she wants to reach up as fast as she can with the upper body, stretching through all the way to the top. When she reaches the peak of the basket all the way at the top, all she is going to do is pike her legs and come down. She does not need to throw her shoulders back. She does need to catch herself at the bottom, and grab her shoulders and that way she can control herself as well as the bases.

Loading Drill for Basket Toss

Prior to performing the basket toss there are two drills I want you to perfect. The first one is easy it's just loading into the basket. You're going to see the bases get into the correct position, the flier takes a big jump and load in. She needs to control her own weight.

Trophy Drill for Basket Toss

The next drill is the trophy drill. The key to this drill is to make sure the flier will go straight up and down and she's not going to shoot backwards or forwards. Once we perfect the load they are going to load in, and the back spot instead of grabbing underneath the basket she's going to grab her ankles. They are going to dip down, extend through, making sure she can control her own weight, and make sure that everything is straight up and down.

Executing First Basket Toss

Once you perfect the drills we are going to go on to perform the basket toss. It's going to be really important the first time you try it that you have spotters around and that the bases know what they are responsible for and watching the top girl. She's going to load in, control the weight, explode off the ground, keeping her arms nice and up, catching her nice and high, making a soft cradle. Once you perfect the basket toss you'll want to try one where you perform a trip up in the air. We're going to show you a toe touch. The key to the toe touch is that the tip girl has a good toe touch on the ground. So as you see here, they are going to load in, snap at the top and a nice easy cradle. And that's how you to a basket toss.

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