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Video:How to Unite and Motivate a Cheer Squad

with Greg Gilbert

Uniting and motivating a cheerleading squad is crucial for energetic games and successful cheerleading practices. Check out these activities to unite and motivate a cheerleading squad.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Unite and Motivate a Cheer Squad

Hi, I'm Greg Gilbert, head coach at Seton Hall University. We're here at Central Jersey All Stars in Kenilworth, NJ. Today I'm going to show you how to unite and motivate a cheer squad.

Play Games at Cheerleading Practice

There are many ways to unite a cheer squad. You can use trust falls or ice breakers. At Seton Hall we play a game called Ninja. The girls get in a circle, they put two hands in when I say, "Ninja", which is not now, they're gonna jump out and strike a pose.

Then each of them one at a time have one move to try to hit another opponent. If that opponent gets hit, they're knocked out. It's just a fun way for the girls to laugh and have a good time before practice or after practice.

Alright? Ready, here we go. One two three, Ninja. And go.

So right now they're just trying to hit each other getting out of the way, things like that. So Lauren would be out because she got hit. And now Haley is out, so Natalia would be the winner.

Unite Cheerleading Squad with Trust Falls

Another way to unite a cheer squad is trust falls. This is really good way for both the flyers and the bases to really get a chance to work with each other for the first time without necessarily doing any cheerleading.

What we do is we have a girl, doesn't matter who it is. She stands up at the top. She turns around, crosses her arms. The most important thing is that she stays super tight and keeps her hips pulled through. Our two bases, or whoever they are, can put their arms up nice and high. And then Lauren tells them when she's falling. She falls and they catch. And everyone on the team will go through this so that way you start to build a relationship with your team.

Motivate During Cheerleading Practice

Another way at Seton Hall we motivate cheerleaders I use this when practice is going really well, or it's not going well, just to get them loosen up and get back to having a good time. Because if you're not having a good time, there's really not much progress going on.

So we'll just do a handstand contest and I'll randomly yell it out, "Ready handstand contest, one two three go!" and Haley is the winner! Very nice.

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