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Video:What Is LTE?

with Lauren Gores

Today’s new line of smartphones promise to be faster than your trade-in. What’s pushing the curve? Long Term Evolution or LTE networks. Watch this About.com video to see what it's all about.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is LTE?

Due for an upgrade?  Or maybe you just picked up one of these from the Apple store? Today's new line of cellphones promise one thing: It'll be faster than your trade in.  What's helping push the curve: LTE.

What Does LTE Stand For?

Smartphone carriers like Verizon and AT&T use LTE networks or Long Term Evolution. This acronym refers to the ongoing process of improving wireless technology standards. LTE is part of the 4th Generation of wireless technology, you've probably heard it as “4G.” On average, 4G should be anywhere from four to ten times faster than its predecessor, 3G networks.

You've probably been stuck waiting for a Google search to load on your phone, or perhaps, a photo on Instagram (we all can admit to a little stalking...) That wait time is called “latency.”  LTE wants to get rid of it all together.

4G LTE Search vs 3G Search

We're going to test it ourselves. On a 3G-capable iPhone 4 results from a simple Google search take (XX). Now on an iPhone 5 with 4G and LTE that same search takes (XX). A difference of xxx.

That means instantly watching your favorite viral videos on YouTube, then sharing it to your friends on Facebook just as fast. But that's just the start. LTE expands data usage to Facetiming, Skyping, and even gaming.

4G LTE Carriers

Not all phones have it, but brands like HTC, Samsung, Motorola and now Apple have smartphones ready for LTE. Keep in mind, LTE coverage is not available everywhere. Here the darker areas have a strong LTE presence. Verizon claims at least 75% of Americans are covered by its LTE network.

You'll keep hearing the letters LTE in the future. Carriers hope this innovation will last and continue to improve for years, if not decades ahead. Thanks for watching, in Los Angeles, I'm Lauren Gores with About.com.

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