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Video:How to Use QR Codes With an Android

with Brent Rose

This video is a quick introduction on how to use QR codes with an Android phone. See these great tips for how to use QR codes with an Android phone.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use QR Codes With an Android

Hi, I'm Brent Rose for You've probably been seeing them around: these funny little squares with more small squares in them. Well they're actually two-dimensional barcodes called "QR Codes," and today I'm going to teach you what they do, and how to use them with your Android phone.

What You Need In Order to Use QR Codes With an Android Phone

To use QR Codes you're going to need a barcode scanner. Now, Google Goggles comes with a lot of Android phones, and it works just fine. But a program called Barcode Scanner, which is available for free in the Android Market, works just a little bit better, in my opinion. So go ahead and open Barcode Scanner, and once you do you'll notice that it activates your phone's camera.

Using the QR Code Scanner on an Android Phone

So here we have that website again that references SlideIT Keyboard Lite, which sounded good to me. What I'm going to do is hold up the Barcode Scanner, and put the QR code right in the middle. You can hear it beeped, and now it's giving me three options: Open browser, Share via email, and Share via SMS. I'm going to click Open browser, and that'll take me to the page in Android Market. You can see SlideIT Keyboard Lite is right there, ready for me to download.

The Future of QR

In the next few years you're going to be seeing these things more and more on postcards, billboards, magazines, and even on TV, so it's good to learn how to use them. You can also make your own QR Codes for your website, email address, phone number (or even text), very easily and for free online from any one of many different websites (in this video I'm using You can see here I'm making one for I just type in the URL and hit enter, and there it pops up. I can right-click it and save it on my computer.

You can see I now have the About QR code on my desktop. I just double-click it to make it bigger, bring up my barcode scanner, hit Open browser, and as you can see, there's The same thing works for phone numbers. I simply scan it, and I can choose between dialing the number or adding it to a contact. I choose Dial number, and it pops up in the dialer, ready to go.

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