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Video:Tips for Reviving an Old Battery

with Mark Casey

Your cell phone battery may not hold enough charge to power on your cell phone. Check out these tips to learn how to revive an old battery and get your gear up and running.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Reviving an Old Battery

Hi, I'm Mark Casey for, and today we're talking about tips for reviving an old cell phone battery.It's frustrating when your cell phone battery dies, but these tips from's cellphone channel might bring it back to life.

Consider a New Battery Charger

If your phone won't charge, one problem might be the charger itself rather than the battery. Consider buying a new charger, paying close attention to make sure the voltage output listed on the back matches your first charger. It's safest to buy a charger specifically designed for your cell phone. When you plug the phone in with the new charger, you'll be able to tell immediately if that was the problem, because the phone will power on once plugged in.

Remove and Freeze the Battery

If a new charger doesn't help, turn the phone over to examine the back casing. Sometimes to remove it you'll need to unscrew or unlatch it, but in many cases it will simply slide off if you apply a small amount of pressure. Once the back is removed, the first thing you'll see is the battery, which will be easy to remove by pulling on it.

You may be able to bring the battery back to life by freezing it. First, place it in a small freezer baggy to protect it from air and water, then place the bag in your freezer for 12 to 15 hours.Once you remove it, allow the battery to fully cool before placing it back in your phone to see if it works. You may need to try charging it again as well.

Try Jump Starting the Battery

One final method is to jump start your battery. For this, you'll need a 9-volt battery, for the easy-to-access terminals, a length of split wire to connect to the battery, electrical tape to secure, and the battery itself.The positive and negative terminals on the 9-volt battery will be marked. Identify them and connect the corresponding side of your wire to each, being sure to cover the connection with electrical tape for safety.

On your cell phone battery, the positive and negative terminals will also be marked. Connect the wire to these as well, remembering again to secure with electrical tape.Leave the batteries connected for 10 to 60 seconds, or just long enough for your cell phone battery to get warm. As soon as it's warm, disconnect the batteries immediately -- DO NOT try to fully charge your cell phone battery this way. Place the battery back in your phone. You may need to charge it the rest of the way -- then try to power on the phone.

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