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Video:How to Sync an Android Phone to a Computer

with Brent Rose

When you sync an Android phone to a computer, it's possible to transfer music, photos, and videos to and from the phone using the free program called DoubleTwist. See how to sync an Android phone to a computer using these step-by-step instructions.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Sync an Android Phone to a Computer

Hi, I'm Brent Rose for, and today I'm going to teach you how to transfer music, photos, and videos from your computer to your Android phone.

Instructions for Syncing an Android Phone to a Computer

First, take the USB cable that came with your phone and plug it into your computer. Then take the other end of that cable and plug it into your phone. You'll notice in the notification bar it says "USB Connected". Bring down the notification window and click "USB Connected". It will ask you if you want to mount your phone. Click "Turn On USB Storage."

Once the phone is mounted you will see it pop up on your desktop like an external hard drive. Now you could use your computer's file explorer to just drag and drop files over there, but there's a much easier way called DoubleTwist. It's available for your PC or Mac from and it's completely free.

Tips for How to Sync an Android to a Computer

Once you're done with all the setup, you should be welcomed with this screen. Over here, under Devices, you should see your phone. Up here under Library, are your music, photos, and movies from your computer. Click Music, and say I want to add a few song from A Tribe Called Quest's album called "The Low End Theory". I'm going to select (by holding the Command key while clicking) Buggin' Out, Check The Rhime, and Scenario. And then I simply drag those songs over to my phone. It'll instantly begin transferring. This also works for entire albums or for playlists you've made in other programs such as iTunes.

Now, I can do the same thing with Photos. It pulls all of the pictures I have in iPhoto, and I just grab a couple, and drag them right over, and they're already there. Movies work in exactly the same way.

Something to note is that you can use DoubleTwist to drag media from your phone to your computer. Say I want to grab this video I shot at a concert, I just put it right over here on Movies, and there we go.

When you're all done dragging your media around and you feel you've got enough on your phone, make sure you eject your phone properly (using the Eject button by your device), otherwise your SD card won't work right. Or you can use your computer's normal method of safely removing your hardware.

Back on the phone now, bring down the notification pane, select "Turn Off USB Storage", then press the "Turn Off USB Storage" button. Give it a few seconds for the SD card to be ready, then, when it is, you'll be able to open up your Gallery or Music Player and see all of your new media there, ready for you to play with.

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