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Video:How to Use Your Phone as a Wireless Modem

with Pelpina Trip

Your cell phone can potentially be used as a wireless modem with a laptop or other device. Learn the tricks to tether your phone to a laptop or tablet and use it as a wireless modem.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use Your Phone as a Wireless Modem

Hi, I’m Pelpina, here for Today, I’ll explain how to turn a cell phone into a wireless modem - which can get you online, even when there’s no WiFi hotspot, landline or Ethernet jack in sight.

Use Your Phone as a Wireless Modem, You'll Need:

  • A cell-phone that’s capable of going on the internet on its own.
  • A data plan for your cell phone that lets you connect to the internet. You want to make sure you have no restrictions in your cell phone contract for using your cell phone as a modem. So, double check your contract allows tethering.
  • Thirdly, you’ll need a device you want to connect to the internet, say a laptop or a tablet.-
  • Depending on the type of cell phone you have, you might also need a USB cable.

This iPhone4S, for example, already has the personal WiFi hotspot - software built into the phone. Just tapping a few buttons on the phone beams your 3G data connection to your laptop.

Check Cell Phone Contract

If your cell phone does not come with this option, there are two ways to tether. You can either use Bluetooth, if both devices are Bluetooth-capable, or you can use a USB or serial cable to connect both devices. Specific setups will vary depending on your phone, your plan, and the carrier’s software. Most large carriers offer Internet tethering, which typically costs $15-$25 per month, but it all depends on the data usage and the carrier of course.

Tethering can be very handy if you’re on the road and looking for an internet connection for your laptop or tablet. But, like I said before, be careful  because you may violate your cell phone provider’s terms of service agreement. So double check your contract before you use your phone as a wireless modem.

You can find a lot more on cellphones and technology at Thanks for watching!

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