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Video:How to Set Up iTunes for iPhone 4

with Nick Jaynes

Want to learn how to set up iTunes for iPhone 4? Here, see tips and tricks for setting up iTunes on the iPhone 4.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Set Up iTunes for iPhone 4

Hi I'm Nick Jaynes for and this is how to set up iTunes for iPhone4.

Basics for Setting Up iTunes for iPhone 4

So you've bought an iPhone4 and now you need to manage it through iTunes. If you've never done this before, this is how to set up your iPhone4 through iTunes.

Setting Up iTunes for iPhone 4

First, plug your phone into your computer using the Apple provided USB cable. Once you've done this, open up iTunes on your computer. If it's not already in your dock, you can search for it using Spotlight up in the right hand corner of your screen.

More Steps for Setting Up iTunes for iPhone 4

Open iTunes and you should see your phone displayed on the left hand side under Devices. As you can see, mine is already named. Click on it and you should see an info screen pop up including the name, hard drive capacity, and your phone number. Below that you see there is a Version window for updating and restoring your iPhone back to factory settings. Down at the right hand side of iTunes is the sync button. If you engage sync, your iPhone and computer information will be locked including contacts, music, and pictures if you'd like.

Additional Steps for Setting Up iTunes for iPhone 4

Now, before you sync, let's say you would only like to send certain music to your iPhone from your iTunes. If you click the music link on the left side beneath your iPhone's name, you can click on the bottom section that reads "Autofill From" this drop down lets you choose if you want to bring all your music onto your phone, or only the music from specific areas of your computer iTunes. Here we can see we can bring in specific play lists, or even recently played music.

Now when you've set up your iPhone with the data and music you'd like, you'll want to know how to access this music on the phone itself. Apple has made it exceedingly easy.

Eject your phone from iTunes and when the phone disappears from the devices area, it's OK to unplug the phone.

Slide to unlock your phone and you can see that at the bottom right hand corner of your iPhone4 screen is an icon called "Music" tap on that and your all the music you sent to your phone will be there. From there you can browse music by playlist, artist, song, albums, and more.

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