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Video:How to Pair a Smartphone With Your Car Using Bluetooth

with Nick Jaynes

Pairing your smartphone with your car via Bluetooth is a great way to use your phone hands-free while driving. Here are video instructions for pairing a smartphone with a car using Bluetooth.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Pair a Smartphone With Your Car Using Bluetooth

Hi, I'm Nick Jaynes for, and this is how to pair a smartphone with a car using Bluetooth.

Set Up Car and Smartphone

What you'll need first is your smartphone. I've got my iPhone 4 here and we have a 2012 Acura TSX here in front of us. First, you want to set up on the phone by pushing the "Talk Command" button and giving your command to the car. "Setup." Phone setup options are "Pair," "Edit," "Delete," "Status" and "Set Pairing Code." Press the "Talk" button and say a command. For a list of commands, select "Hands Free Help." "Pair." The pairing process requires operation of your Bluetooth phone. For safety, please only do this when the car is stopped. For proper system function, a compatible Bluetooth phone is required. Please visit the hands free website listed in the owners manual for a list of approved phones and other information. Hands free link is waiting to pair with a bluetooth phone.

Use Bluetooth to Pair Car and Smartphone

From your phone, search for Bluetooth devices and select "Hands Free Link" when prompted by your mobile phone; enter the code 0000. So you select it on your phone once it comes up and then it should bring up a screen. There we go, 0000. "Pair." It says connected on my phone. "Hands Free Link" has connected to a new phone. A name is needed to identify this phone. Press the "Talk" button and say a name. For example, John's phone. "Nick Jaynes iPhone." "Has been successfully paired." Now that we have the phone paired, we can do hands-free calling and stream music through the stereo.

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