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Video:How to Know When to Restore Your iPhone

with Pelpina Trip

iPhones need to be restored if they are unresponsive. Check out these tips for when you should restore your iPhone or when a simple reset may do the trick.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Know When to Restore Your iPhone

Hi, I’m Pelpina for If something is wrong with your iPhone, you can either try to fix it yourself, or reset your iPhone - but sometimes restoring it to its factory settings is the only way of truly fixing it.

Restore Your iPhone if It's Unresponsive

For example, if your iPhone constantly restarts, but never displays the home screen. In other words, you can’t do anything with your phone because it never starts back up right. To solve this problem, try holding the home button while connecting your iPhone to the computer, and restore to a newer version.

Another situation that asks for restoring your iPhone is when it doesn’t respond, or is very slow to respond, to the home button. If you single or double click and nothing happens, or if you double click and it only registers a single click.

Check Apple's Support Website When the iPhone Displays Error Messages

Sometimes an iPhone displays an error. Whenever it does, you should first go to Apple’s website to determine the problem. On, you can find a long list of errors that tell you what to do - and for some problems, the only solution is restoring your iPhone.

You should also restore your iPhone if it’s not responding to the touchscreen. If the display is completely frozen, and resetting your iPhone doesn’t work - your last solution is to restore your phone. And lastly, if you were in the midst of updating or restoring your iPhone, and it didn’t complete, and iTunes does not recognize your device anymore -- and resetting doesn’t help, you need to restore it as well.

Try Resetting Before Restoring Your iPhone

Of course, whenever you encounter a big problem with your iPhone, you first want to try to reset your iPhone. You can do that by pressing and holding the power and home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

All Saved Media is Lost After Restoring an iPhone

To restore your iPhone, you just connect your iPhone, launch iTunes, and click on restore under your iPhone’s summary tab. Of course, if you restore your iPhone all your media and data will be deleted, and all settings will be reset - so you need to try to restore to back up first., if you can.

There you go - some basic tips on when to restore your iPhone. For more on cellphones, visit Thanks for watching!
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