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Video:How to Buy Ringtones

with Devita Jacobs

Buying a ringtone is an additional costs from the standard tones available on your phone. But if you really want to add some personality to your phone, a ringtone is just the way to do it.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Buy Ringtones

Hi, I'm Devita Jacobs and today I'm going to show you how to buy ringtones.

Search for Ringtone Options Including Popular Music

Ringtones are a fun alternative to the standard sounds that come with your cell phone. For some, hearing a favorite song is much more pleasant that the sound of a traditional telephone ring. However, ringtones, especially those including popular music, are usually not free. To purchase ringtones on a smart phone, visit the application store. iPhone users can purchase songs through iTunes as ringtones. Simply tap on the iTunes icon on your desktop to browse ringtone options. Conduct a search online using the keyword “ringtones” to pull up a list of companies that sell ringtones for most cell phones.

Be Sure the Ringtone is Compatible with Your Phone

Always check the specs on the ringtone to ensure you are purchasing from a category compatible with your phone. Often a membership is required to download ringtones. Memberships are available for free and for subscription fees. Read the fine print carefully prior to giving a website your credit card information to be sure you are not signing up for a long term commitment.

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