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Video:How to Set Custom Ringtones on the Android

with Brent Rose

Custom Android ringtones can help you tell who's calling without even looking at the phone. Here's a quick tutorial on how to set custom Android ringtones and photos for specific contacts.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Set Custom Ringtones on the Android

Hi, I'm Brent Rose for One of the reasons the Android (by Google) operating system for smartphones has become so popular is how customizable it is. Today I'm going to teach you how to customize your Android phone's ringtone, so it sounds just how you want it to.

Instructions for Setting Custom Ringtones on the Android

From the desktop click Menu > Settings > Sound, and then under Incoming Calls hit Phone Ringtone. It will then as you if you want Android System or Select Music. Now Android comes with a large selection of some pretty decent ringtones, and that's great if you haven't put any of your own music on your phone. For this demonstration, let's say you've already loaded your phone with music, and you want your favorite song to play when you get a call. Hit Select Music.

Now you'll be given some options on the next screen, just hit Music. On the next screen what you have a list of all of the songs you've loaded onto your phone. Let's say I want The Black Crowes version of "Hard to Handle." I come down to my H's here, and there it is. To preview the song, simply tap it. Sounds good, so I hit OK, and I'm done.

Customizing Ringtones on the Android

Suppose, though, that you don't want your ringtone to be the beginning of the song, but rather somewhere in the middle. We can do that, too, with a program called Ringdroid that's available for free in the Android Market.

Open up Ringdroid and you'll have an alphabetical list of the songs, as you did before. I select "Hard to Handle" and it opens up as a wave-form. Now, it's got two sliders here that control the beginning-point and the end-point of the ringtone you're going to create. I want the break right before the chorus, so I'm going to see how it sounds right about… there. I hit play to preview it.

And that's just about what I'm looking for. Maybe I'll tweak it just a little bit there, and maybe I'll shorten the ending or make it a little longer, but that's pretty good. I'm going to hit Save, and I can save it as a Ringtone, a Notification, or an Alarm. For now I'm just going to choose Ringtone, and I'll just let it be called "Hard to Handle Ringtone" (you can rename it whatever you want). I hit Save, I make it the Default ringtone, and there we go.

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