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Video:Best Cheap Sites for Ringtones

with Nick Flegg

Using cheap sites for ringtones can be an inexpensive way to personalize your cell phone. Here are some of the best cheap sites for ringtones.See Transcript

Transcript:Best Cheap Sites for Ringtones

Hi I'm Nick and today for I'm going to show you some of the cheapest websites for buying ringtones.

iTunes Is a Popular Cheap Site for Ringtones

One of the first places you should try is the iTunes store. Although you have to register to gain access, members have a vast number of songs to choose from, with singles available for under a dollar. As an Apple product, it's as sleek and stylish as you'd imagine and the best part is, if you have an iPhone, you can sync your new track quickly and easily.

Billboard Offers Many Options as a Cheap Site for Ringtones offers users a host of information such as chart position and the biggest movers and shakers of the past week. Clicking the 'Buy' button immediately takes you to the iTunes store, so Billboard would be a good place to visit for cheap tracks as well as useful information.

Myxer Is a a Diverse Cheap Site for Ringtones

Moving away from the Apple brand, Myxer offers a mix of free and premium tracks that can be previewed rated and downloaded directly to your phone. This site claims to have over 20 million users in total, with over 30,000 joining everyday, you simply need to enter your phone number to get started. The selection of ringtones is vast and includes many different genres, so be sure to search for the songs you want by visiting the ringtones store. Individual tracks here range from $0.99 to $3.

Ringtone Jukebox Is a Customizable Cheap Site for Ringtones

Ringtone Jukebox is a site dedicated to customizing your phone. Clicking the ringtones tab will give you access to a list of available tracks, each available for under $3. Simpy enter your phone details and you can start downloading right away, You can even search for specific songs if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Ringophone Is a Good Subscription-Based Cheap Site for Ringtones

For subscription services, stands out as being one of the best value, offering unlimited downloads for either 6 or 12 months, depending on which plan you choose. Paying a one-off fee of $19.99 is ideal for compulsive downloaders.

Freeringers Is Another Good Subscription-Based Cheap Site for Ringtones

Other subscription-based services include MTV, Flycell, Jamster and Thumbplay, but the one that offers the best value for money is Freeringers charges only $0.99 a month for 12 months of unlimited downloads and often runs promotions such as receiving four months free.

I hope this helps you find the ringtone you are looking for. For more information, just visit

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