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Video:5 Best Sites to Buy Ringtones

with Ibn Morgan

Use these sites to buy ringtones so that you can personalize your cellphone in an easy way. Try one of these useful sites to buy ringtones.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Best Sites to Buy Ringtones

Hi this is Ibn with About.com and today I will be showing you five of the best ringtone sites that cost money.


Ringophone Requires a Sign-Up to Buy Ringtones


The first site we will discuss is Ringophone.com. This site has a large variety of ringtones to download, from the latest hits to the oldies. Before you can download any you will need to pay a one-time subscription for a year or 6 months. On the top right hand corner it says get a password. Click there and choose the best one for you. You will receive a email with your access password. Once this is complete you are ready to go.

 Ringtone Jukebox Is a Regularly Updated Site to Buy Ringtones 

The second site is RingToneJukeBox.com. Though the ringtones here are pricey, this is a regularly freshened list of ringtones from MTV Mobile. The way this site works is you buy each ringtone individually. You are not required to make an account you can search and download straight away.

 MTV Mobile Is a Convenient Site to Buy Ringtones 

The third website is MTV.com/Mobile. This website requires no setup. Just browse then download your desired ringtone.

 BillBoard Ringtones Is a Well-Known Site to Buy Ringtones 

The next website we will be looking at is Billboard.com Ringtones. Billboard is a well know distributor so you don't have to worry about any hidden fees like other sites. All you do is search for your ringtone you wish to download and click the send ringtone to cell. From here you will see this page. Complete the following info and you will have your ringtones.

 MatrixM Also Requires a Sign-Up to Buy Ringtones   

  The final site is MatrixM. Before you can start searching for ringtones you must first sign up. After registering you can create and download your desired ringtones.

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