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Video:5 Best Sites for Free Ringtones

with Ibn Morgan

Learn the 5 best sites for free ringtones so that you can customize your cellphone to play your favorite song or sound without spending money. Here are some tips on the 5 best sites for free ringtones.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Best Sites for Free Ringtones

Hi, this is Ibn for and today I am going to show you five of the best sites to download ringtones for free. Is a Good Source for Free Ringtones

The first site we will be looking at is This is a 100% free website. You select which ringtone you would like to download and you send it to your phone.

When you get to the site you will see on the upper left of thetool bar the "sign-up" button. Click it and fill in your information. After signing up browse through all of their ringtones and select the ringtone you would like. Has a Large Selection of Free Ringtones

The second site is This does one thing and does it well: it offers to you a wide array of free ringtones. Be prepared though to navigate a sea of advertisements to get to them.

When you get to the site it will look like this. There is no sign-up required for this site so you can immediately start searching for your ringtone. CoolFreeRingtones offers two ways to acquire the ringtone. The first Ringtone WAP Download or Ringtone Midi Download. Pick whichever you are familiar with and your ready to go.

Make Free Ringtones With

The third site is This site offers you the ability to make, share and download ringtones. Most of them are free and a few cost a small fee. Before you can download any ringtones you will need to sign up.

There are 3 different accounts you can sign up as: a personal account, where you just want to make and download ringtones, MobileArtist account, if you are in a band or a solo artist and want to publish your songs to the site, or a mobile partner if you are representing some and want to distribute their music. Once you sign up with the account that applies to you, you will fill in your information and your ready to start downloading. Also Allows You to Create Free Ringtones

The fourth site is Phonezoo allows you to easily create and download free custom ringtones. Upon entering the site it will look like this. For this site, you will also need an account. The sign-up page will look like this. Fill in the information and verify your account through your email and your ready to go. Requires An Account for Free Ringtones

The final website is This is free website where you can create or download ringtones. You will need an account for this as well. Complete the info and verify your account and you're ready to go.

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