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Video:5 Best Phones for Streaming TV

with Pelpina

Smartphones are great for streaming television while on-the-go, here are the top 5 cellphones for streaming TV.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Best Phones for Streaming TV

Hi, I'm Pelpina for About.com and today I'll show you the 5 best cellphones for streaming TV. The way we're watching tv has been changing, you don't have to be at home at specific time anymore to watch your favorite show. You can watch it anywhere. Well, let's take a look at some of the best cellphones out there.

1. Large TV Display on the Epic Touch

The Samsung Epic Touch has a large 4.52 display, perfect for watching movies and TV. And like all Galaxy S Phones, the epic touch has a media hub with many movies and TV readily available for watching. Also interesting about this phone is that on the bottom - you’ll find an MHL port. That stands for Mobile High Definition link. It’s a port that makes it possible to connect your smartphone to your TV, or other devices -- so you can watch your favorite shows from your phone, on even larger screens.

2. T-Mobile G2X Hooks Up to TV

The T-Mobile G2X also lets you do the same thing, through an HDMI-connection. But watching TV on just the phone’s screen works great too- the LCD display is 4 inches - great for watching videos, TV shows and streaming news. Colors on this screen are vivid and movement looks smooth.The G2X is an Android-powered phone that offers live T-Mobile TV, on-demand video and high resolution movies.

3. HTC Thunderbolt is a Fast 4G Cellphone

Another great phone for streaming TV shows, videos and movies is the HTC Thunderbolt. It comes with a 4.3-inch screen AND great options with its 4G connection. For example, you can stream live TV from your phone to several other devices, like an iPod Touch, while watching high-quality YouTube videos on the phone, and browsing the web at the same time.The HTC Thunderbolt is a DLNA certified device. DLNA stands for Digital Living Network alliance -- It means you can stream photos, music and video, to and from DLNA devices on your home wireless network. So you can stream video from your phone to your TV, for instance.

4. iPhone4S for Streaming TV Apps

Another great way to stream TV shows and movies on smart phones, is through apps like Netflix and Hulu, which are also available on the iPhone 4S, pictured here. This smartphone has a 3.5 inch screen -- with a very crisp image, GREAT for streaming video. Plus - Apple’s AirPlay lets you wirelessly stream video from your iPhone to your TV and speakers via Apple TV.

5. HTC Evo for Versatile TV Streaming

The HTC Evo is another great phone to watch streaming TV and movies, because it also makes it very easy to watch. It has a very nice, bright and vivid, 4.3 inch LCD screen, and a built-in kickstand, for a great viewing angle. Plus, it’s HDMI-out feature lets you hook it up to your TV with an adapter. Perfect for streaming TV shows and films!

In short, if you’re interested in streaming TV on your cell phone, you’re looking for a high-resolution display, options to stream to other devices, and a long battery life. You can find much more on cell phones and technology on cellphones.about.com. Thanks for watching!

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