Skin Conditions Associated With Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity Video
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Video:Skin Conditions Associated With Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity

with Dr. Debra Jaliman

Skin conditions can be directly associated with Celiac Disease while others are related to gluten sensitivities. Watch this video to learn more about how gluten may or may not be associated with certain skin conditions.See Transcript

Transcript:Skin Conditions Associated With Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity

Hi this is Dr. Debra Jaliman, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City and author of the book "Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist" here for to talk about some of the other diseases that are associated with Celiac Disease and gluten.

Direct and Related Associations with Gluten and Skin Conditions

So dermatitis herpetiformis is associated with gluten. People who have this disease cannot eat gluten. There are other diseases that have been associated with gluten,but are they really associated with gluten?

For example, people with psoriasis do have antibodies to gluten, but do they really have a gluten disease? Nobody really knows. There is an association, and maybe some people with psoriasis should stay off gluten, but they should probably have biopsies to their intestines to see if they have celiac disease before they forego all those foods with gluten.

Alopecia and Eczema

Because you may have antibodies to gluten without actually having celiac disease. There are also people with eczema that have antibodies to gluten, but don't have celiac disease. And people have other conditions also associated with gluten, for example alopecia areata, but, again, don't actually have celiac disease.

Acne and High Glycemic Diets

Now in the case of acne, there was some association with gluten, but it turned out that it wasn't gluten at all. Instead, we found that people who had a high glycemic diet worsened their acne - so it wasn't the gluten, it was people eating donuts and other foods that were high in white sugar and white flour. So for example, with acne one could eat whole wheat, which still contains gluten but does not contain white flour.

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