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Video:TV Makeup

with Kacie Marie

TV makeup is a bit more dramatic than your everyday look, because it needs to work well on camera. Find out how to apply TV makeup that will help you look natural and fabulous.See Transcript

Transcript:TV Makeup

Hello I'm Kacie Marie and this is I'm here today to show you how to do some basic makeup tips for TV.

Tools for TV Makeup

The tools you'll need are concealer, most importantly powder to keep you from gleaming and looking sweaty under those hot lights, palette of eye shadow, whatever you have in your drawer, some eyeliner and mascara. Some nice pink blush and a nice blush brush. Something sparkly to put on your eyelids and some lip-gloss. You can use clear or a little bit of color. Now let's prepare you for your close-up.

Begin with Concealer

First we're going to start with concealer. Put it under your eyes, evening your skin, blemishes and any sort of dark circles. Were going to put it right underneath your eye all the way up to your bottom lid so no one on TV will see it, just evening out the skin.

Use Plenty of Powder

The next step, and most important is powder. This is also going to have even your skin and it's going to give you more of a flat look so you don't look shiny under harsh lights. You want to keep powder on hand all the time so you can re-powder yourself if you start to get a little shiny, putting a little extra on your forehead. You want to sparkle with your personality not your sweat. A little tip is you can actually put it on your neck and your collarbone so you're not glistening anywhere.

Apply Eye Makeup

Next we're going to use our palettes of eyeshadows. I'm going to use peaches and browns cause it makes you look wide-awake on screen. I'm going to start with a nice light peach and put it all across the eyelid. Using neutral colors are appropriate for TV. I'm also going to put a little light shade on the bottom of your lid hoping your eyes pop a little bit. I'm also going to use a light brown that has a little sparkle to it, and put that right in the crease of my eye. That helps define your eyes and make them bigger.

Now I'm even using a darker tone right in the corner of the crease and you can blend that with your brush and your finger and that gives you a nice wide-eyed look. A nice touch is to use a loose sparkly powder and put it right on your eyelid, giving a nice highlight. You can also put a bit on the inside of your eye. We're going to take another light tone another white or your light cream and put it right underneath your eyebrow. This helps your eyes look more lifted. You can use your finger or an applicator, a Q-tip, whatever suits you.

Next we have our eyeliner. Pulling back your eyelid to your hairline you just want to go right over top of your lid. I'm using brown and I'm going to stay within the same tones of the eye shadows you've been using. Next we're going to use our mascara, applying from root to tip, really accentuating the outer lash that helps your eyes look wide open. Just a little mascara on the bottom lashes to even it out.

Add Some Blush for Pretty Pink Cheeks

Our next step is blush. Going to use a nice pretty pink right on the apples of your cheeks, nice and soft you can build up to the tone you want.

Finish the Look with Lip Gloss

Last but not least, we have our lip-gloss. I'm going to start with a nice clear lip-gloss, just to give my lips a little sheen. Also I'm going to use a little bit of my cherry red lip-gloss. It's going to give my lips just that extra pop. Now you're ready for your close-up. For more information, go to Until next time!
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