Joey Tierney: Fashion Must-Haves for Women Video
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Video:Joey Tierney: Fashion Must-Haves for Women

with Joey Tierney

Joey Tierney, celebrity stylist and fashion designer, lists the fashion must-haves for any woman. Watch this video for great advice from Joey Tierney on the fashion must-haves for your closet.See Transcript

Transcript:Joey Tierney: Fashion Must-Haves for Women

What are the staples of a successful wardrobe?

Fashion Must-Haves for Women

The staples of a successful wardrobe: you have to have your blazer.  For instance, this one here, my favorite -- this is a brand called Mason, and she's put some leather detail this season, but a classic blazer is a must. Ballet flats are a must. You can have cute ballet flats like this that have cute little stars and they're patent, or you can have whatever -- however many pairs, ballet flats are so important. And a dress shirt. A little black dress -- a little black dress should be in every woman's wardrobe.  And of course, your skinny jeans.  Find the jeans that fit you the best, that fit your body type.  My personal favorite is Seven, I love Seven Jeans. But that pretty much would be your classic staple wardrobe.

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