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Video:Get the Look: Beyonce

with Carissa Loethen

Want to emulate the style of pop princess Beyonce? Watch this About.com video to see tips for accomplishing it.See Transcript

Transcript:Get the Look: Beyonce

Hi, I'm Carissa for About.com and today we're talking about how you can add some of Beyoncé's iconic style into your wardrobe.

Beyonce: Pop, Shine and Sparkle

Beyoncé is renowned for looks that pop, shine and sparkle whether she's on the red carpet, on stage or with Jay-Z at a Knicks game. She's prone to sporting designer duds, but she's also loyal to the House of Deréon, created by her and her mom, Tina -- who used to design stage outfits for Destiny's Child.

On stage, Beyoncé always brings the heat with ultra-revealing leotards and dresses that blind when the lights hit them. She carries the dual-personality of herself and Sasha Fierce, whether she's showing skin for songs like “Run the World” or looking like an angel singing her hit, “Halo.”

Beyonce: Dual Personality Wardrobe

Off the stage and on the red carpet, Beyoncé incorporates a bit of both personalities. She still shows some skin, but it's done in a refined manner. Check out this sheer, embroidered dress she wore to the Met Gala, done by Givenchy.

Beyonce's Style: Revealing But Refined

When she's not making fans go wild on the red carpet or getting them to dance on stage, she sticks to the basics –– good all-around styles that can be worn almost anywhere. Here, she sits front row at a basketball game with Jay-Z wearing eye-popping Christian Louboutin glitter pumps with her casual top and pants.

And that's a look at Beyoncé's fierce but refined style. For more on Beyoncé's look, check out the fashion section at About.com/style.

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