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Video:Stop Cats From Peeing Around the House

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Although cats are relatively clean animals, they can urinate around the house for various reasons. Learn the potential reasons why your cat may be doing this, and how to guide them toward their litter box.See Transcript

Transcript:Stop Cats From Peeing Around the House

Hi, I'm Christina Hartman for and today we're here with Dr. Richard Meadows, a veterinarian with the University of Missouri and we're wondering how to keep the cats from peeing around the house.

Dr. Meadows, do you have any tips?

There are a number of things that we need to consider. Many times it's a fairly simple solution, believe it or not.

Keep Your Cat Litter Box Clean

They're clean animals. They are really very fastidious and so one of the biggest problems that we as veterinarians see when cats are urinating in appropriate places, out of the litter box, is the litter box is unattractive to them. So, cleaning it and keeping the solid and the liquid waste out of it can probably be the biggest issue that we see.

Cats Urinate to Mark Their Territory

They may have other issues going on. If they're urinating on a vertical wall, so they're urinating on a wall underneath a window it may be because the feral cat that's in the neighborhood on the other side of that wall is urinating on your house at three o'clock every morning. They can see that. They hear them. They smell that. They are territorial animals and here is someone invading my territory and I can't do anything about it. He's marking out there; I'm going to mark in here. Show him it's my territory.

Make Sure Your Cat is Healthy

Also, medical problems need to be investigated. If they had a Urinary Tract Bacterial Infection and they go into the litter box and they squat and do their business and that causes them physical pain, they made decide that the litter box is the enemy.

Cats are Sensitive to Litter Size and Smell

Another problem, a big problem with litter is that we need to remember that the litter is for the cat. So, if it smells really good to you and I and when they scratch it that releases a fragrance, it may just be an obnoxious fragrance to them. So it's not a place that they want to go because they have to smell the stench of that scented litter. Is the litter box big enough? Is it deep enough? Or, are they getting attacked by one of the other housemates?

Well, thanks for watching our video on how to keep your cat from using the restroom all over the house and thanks to Dr. Meadows. If you want to know more about cats, just go to  

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