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Video:Homemade Cat Sock Toy

with Debbie Anderson

Why spend a fortune on cat toys when you can cheaply make fun games for your kitty using just a few supplies? See how to make this simple sock cat toy for your pet.See Transcript

Transcript:Homemade Cat Sock Toy

Hi! I'm Debbie Anderson for Keeping your cat entertained can sometimes feel like a tall order, so today I'm going to show you how to make a socks cat toy for kitty to play with - without breaking the bank by constantly purchasing new pet toys to keep him entertained!

Supplies to Make a Sock Cat Toy

For this project you will need an old pair of socks you no longer want and a pair of scissors.

Find Two Socks

To get started – dig through the laundry bin and find two old stinky and hole-filled socks you no longer want. Note – the socks do not necessarily have to match – so long as they are socks you no longer want!

Tie and Cut the Socks

Next, overlap two the socks at the center and tie the two socks together into tight knots. Using your scissors, cut all four sock ends into little strips at the end of each sock end to create a string effect on all four ends. This will give your kitty a place to grab at, chew on, and roll around in when playing with the toy.

Introduce the Cat Toy

Holding the toy just a few feet off the ground to get your cats attention, shake the toy around a bit to get kitty excited about the toy. Once your cat has found the toy intriguing, allow your kitty to play with the toy on the floor at will.

Benefit of Cat Toys

To keep your animal from becoming inactive due to becoming uninterested or bored with their toys, be sure to switch out new toys for your animal to play with ever few days.

Cat Toy Storage

Finally, always store any toys not in use in a sanitary and safe location so that you know where to find them when switching out toys again later. Thank you for watching! To learn more, please visit us on the Web at
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