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Video:How to Treat a Cat for Fleas

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Fleas can be a nuisance and a health hazard to your cat. This video will help you find ways to treat your cat for fleas.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Treat a Cat for Fleas

Hi, Dr. Richard Meadows here. I'm with the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine and I'm here to talk to you today about what you do about fleas in cats.

Overview of Fleas

Now the first thing I would tell you is that most owners are not aware that their cats have fleas - even when they do - because cats, being the fastidious animals that they are, groom themselves. So cats can take care of a lot of the fleas that they have on their own by literally grooming them off and ingesting them. Fleas that the cat can't get to are quite often the ones on the head and the neck.

Fleas Can Make Your Cat Sick

I'm not suggesting to you that you should just let nature take it's course and let the flea and the cat battle it out. Fleas can carry a large number of diseases for cats so they're not just a nuisance. Fleas can make your cat very sick.

Use Cat-Safe Products

Cats are very unique in terms of their sensitivity to many drugs. So things that are quite often safe in people, safe in dogs, are not necessarily safe in cats and in fact can be fatal to cats.

There are good safe products out there and there is a wide variety of them. One product that I would like to mention just because it's my favorite one is called Comfortis. It is an oral pill that they do have to take and they do have to take it on a full stomach. It's given once a month and it's very handy, very safe, and very affective.

Buy a Flea Comb

The other thing that every cat owner should own, in my opinion, is a flea comb. They're just combs with very, very small little teeth in between them, very small like tines that are very close together and you can comb some of these cats and get the flea dirt which is black or the flea eggs which are white, "salt and pepper" it's referred to, or actually find the fleas.

Thank you for joining us today and if you have any more questions about your cat go to and you may find a load of information there.

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