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Video:Is Your Cat a Boy or a Girl?

with Maureen Ricksgers

Learn the gender of a cat so that you can offer your pet exactly what they need for a happy life. Here are some tips on how to tell the gender of a cat.See Transcript

Transcript:Is Your Cat a Boy or a Girl?

Hi, I'm Dr. Maureen Ricksgers for, and today we're going to talk about how to tell the gender of your cat.

How to Determine the Gender of a Male Cat

This is Joey. He is an example of a neutered male cat. On a neutered male cat, you can see, right underneath his tail, that this area here is his anus, and there's a space here where his testicles used to be.

If he were not a neutered male cat, you'd be able to find two testicles here, but he has been neutered. Further down, this is the opening of his penis, and you can see that there's a fair amount of distance between his anus and the tip of his penis.

How to Determine the Gender of a Female Cat

This is Nonni and she is a spayed female cat. You can see at the top here, again, this is her anus. And down below, just a short area, about an inch in an adult cat, her vulva looks like just a slit. There's no real space to speak of in between her anus and her vulva.

Some people have said that a female cat looks looks like an upside down exclamation point - that may be of help to you.

It's impossible to tell with spayed female cat that she's been spayed by looking at her external genitalia. If we're not sure, we'll take a clipper and check her belly right here where a spay is normally done, and look for a scar.

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