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Video:How to Enter a Cat Photo Contest

with Abby

Want to learn how to enter a cat photo contest? Here, see tips and tricks for creating a winning entry.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Enter a Cat Photo Contest

Hey there Abby here for About.com. Now if you’re a cat person like me you probably take a lot of photos of your furry friends. Whether you’ve captured them jumping, playing, or just lounging around looking adorable, you may want to considerentering them in a cat photo contest!

Tips for Entering a Cat Photo Contest

Today I’m going to give you some tips fortaking the perfect picture, and impressing the judges to ensure your cat is awardwinning! First you want to start by finding the right contest. You can find them in petmagazines, postings at your local pet store, or just by searching the web. Finding the right contest for your cat can depend on a current photo or on the type of photo you plan on taking of your cat.

For example if the contest is called "Cutest Cat Photo" you may want to enter a home photo of your cat looking cuddly andplayful, but if the contest is for the cover of a magazine you may want to take a moreprofessional photo of your cat looking bold and adventurous.

Additional Tips for Entering a Cat Photo Contest

Also its very important to always read the instructions of the contest beforechoosing and entering to ensure you have met all the guidelines. A lot of times the contest will have a "past winners" section presented with theposting. If they do always check out the past winner photos to see what types ofphotos the judges are looking for.

If you don’t have a photo fit for the contest you choose, no worries. You can eitherset up a photo shoot with your cat, or just have a camera ready around the house forthose perfect picture taking moments. If you are planning on having a photo shoot you can really get creative with props. If your cat is pretty laid back, try dressing him or her up. Whether you use a fancycollar or wrap your kitty up like a bundle of joy, it’s a great way to get the judges attention.

More Tips for Entering a Cat Photo Contest

You can also try using some fun toys to get your cat in the mood for some cool actionshots. So there you have it, some great tips for taking a great photo of your furry familymember and doing something quite memorable with it. For more helpful hints on cats and contests, visit us at About.com. Thanks for watching.
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