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Video:Foods That are Toxic to Cats

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Unfortunately, there are a number of different foods that are harmful to cats; learn which foods are harmful, and why it's essential to feed your cats pet food.See Transcript

Transcript:Foods That are Toxic to Cats

Hi, I'm Christina Hartman with and we're here today with a veterinarian with the University of Missouri. We're going to talk today about what kinds of foods are toxic to cats. So Dr. Meadows, can you tell us about what types of foods might be toxic to cats?

Rooted Plants are Toxic to Cats

Yes, there are several of them that we need to pay attention to. One group is onions, garlics and the rooted plants like that. They can tear up red blood cells in cats and so, while they may like the taste of them like we do, that is not a very safe thing to do.

Seemingly innocuous enough, but green tomatoes and raw potatoes can potentially be toxic to them as well. Thats maybe a little less of a worry about a cat eating a green tomato, but it's not something you should give them the opportunity to do.

Raisins Can Be Deadly for Cats

One of the big ones on the list is raisins. Raisins aren't always toxic to dogs and cats but they can be deadly. In particular, if they are chocolate-coated raisins, then it is double bad potentially. Because chocolate is something that can really gear them up and make them have high blood pressure and panic kind of things. So raisins can harm their kidneys and chocolate can get them, too.

Watch Out for Easter Lilies

One thing that, it's not a food, but one thing to mention is, particularly during one time of the year, is Easter lilies. Some cats will like to chew on ornamental plants or house plants and Easter lilies can be deadly to cats.

Many Cats Are Lactose Intolerant

Two more things that kind of come along that line but aren't really so much toxic, but are not good for them, is, one, most cats are actually lactose intolerant. Cow's milk is not kitten milk. It's not going to kill you, but it can make you have a pretty bad day. So, cats can do the same thing. Get gassy and bloated, and just not have a good time. So even though cats will love milk, the average cat will love milk, it's not a good food for them.

Too Much Meat Can Be Harmful to Cats

The last thing that comes to mind for me is that some people want to feed their cats a strict meat diet. So, for instance, feed them tuna fish, which most cats will think this is a very good idea. Cats in particular have some really amazing amino acid, the building blocks of protein, needs. One is called taurine.

Pet Foods Contain Essential Amino Acid

The pet foods that are nutritionally complete pet foods have added taurine in them, whereas the tuna fish or the beef or the raw chicken, or even cooked chicken, those kinds of things will not be nutritionally complete. In the short run, not a problem. For a treat, not a problem. As a staple of their diet, that's a nutritionally incomplete and unbalanced diets.

Thanks for watching our video about foods that might be toxic to cats, and thanks to Dr. Richard Meadows. If you want to know more about cats, just go to

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