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Video:Change a Litter Box

with Debbie Anderson

Keep your house smelling fresh by regularly changing your cat's litter box. This video shows you how to thoroughly clean and maintain a litter box.See Transcript

Transcript:Change a Litter Box

Hi, I'm Debbie Anderson for Home. Cats make wonderful indoor companions. However, cleaning the kitty litter box is probably one of the most important, yet unpleasant chores for most cat owners.

So, today I'm going to cover a few simple tips on how to change and maintain a healthy kitty litter box.

Supplies Needed to Change a Litter Box

For this task, you will need:
  • a kitty litter box
  • cat litter
  • a cat litter scoop
  • mild dishwashing soap
  • a large disposable sponge
  • an old towel
  • a garbage bag

Dump the Old Litter in a Garbage Bag

Remove the cover from the top of the cat box to expose the used cat litter inside.

If the cat litter inside is saturated with cat waste, slide a plastic garbage bag over the top and bottom edges of the cat box so that one half of the base of the cat box is neatly inside the garbage bag.

While holding the bag in place with one hand, lift the other end of the cat box to dump all of the kitty litter and waste into the garbage bag.

Scrape Away the Remaining Litter

Once the majority of the waste is deposited into the bag, use your cat litter scoop to scrape the bottom and inner edges of the box to loosen any clumped on cat litter.

Pour the remaining cat litter and waste into the garbage bag. Tie off and dispose of the garbage bag in a nearby garbage can.

Soak the Empty Litter Box

Once the cat box is empty, pour a small amount of mild dishwashing soap in the base of the cat box and fill the box with hot water.

Allow the soapy water to soak inside the box for at least 3-5 minutes to eliminate bacteria and germs that have built up inside the box.

Wash and Dry the Litter Box

Using a disposable sponge, gently scrub the bottom and inside edges of the box to remove any stains or caked on cat litter.

Pour out the dirty water in a nearby sink or bathtub, and thoroughly rinse the cat box under hot water. Use an old towel to dry the cat box.

Pour in the New Cat Litter

When choosing a kitty litter, it's important to note that a lot of cats prefer the sandy texture of clumping or scoopable cat litter on their paws.

However, some pet owners may enjoy the soothing scent of a more expensive biodegradable cat litter.

Regardless of the cat litter that you use, pour only about an inch to an inch and half of litter in the base of the box for easy maintenance. Finally, secure the top cover to the base of the cat box.

Maintain the Litter Box

To maintain a healthy and fresh smelling cat box, remember to scoop away any new cat waste on a daily basis and completely change the cat litter every week.

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