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Video:How to Make a Cat Toy Puzzle

with Debbie Anderson

Looking for a way to keep your cat entertained? See how to create a homemade cat toy puzzle that will stimulate your cat for hours on end.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Cat Toy Puzzle

Hi! I'm Debbie Anderson for! Keeping your cat entertained can feel like a never-ending quest to come up with new ideas, so today I'm going to show you how to make a cat toy puzzle that will keep kitty entertained for hours a day!

What You'll Need

For this project you will need, a large shallow translucent disposable plastic storage container with a lid, a pair of scissors, kitty treats, a sheet of multi-purpose paper, a small bell, yarn, a ruler, and bouncy balls.

Cut Holes in Lid

First, use your scissors to cut several 1-2 inch holes in the lid for the plastic storage container.

Then use the pointy end of the scissors to poke two small holes near the center of the lid.

Next, cut a piece of yarn that is approximately 6 inches in length and feed the yarn through the loop on the small bell.

Feed Yarn Through Holes

Then, starting from the underside of the lid and working your way toward the outer topside of the lid, feed each end of the yarn through the two small holes in the center of the lid and then tie the two pieces of yarn together to create a small knot.

Create Paper Balls

Next, tear a piece of paper into quarter sheets of paper and then crumble each piece of paper with your hands until each piece of paper is now a small crinkly wad of balled up paper.

Place the crumpled paper balls of paper, a small handful of kitty treats, and the bouncy balls inside the large translucent plastic storage container.

Then securely place the lid on top of the container, making sure the small bell is dangling inside the center of the container.

Give Toy to Your Cat

Finally, place the Cat Toy Puzzle in an area of the home where your cat can reach their paws inside the Cat Toy Puzzle through the top of the Cat Toy Puzzle to grab at the kitty treats while having fun batting at the other toys inside the container.

As your cat retrieves the kitty treats inside, continue to refill the Cat Toy Puzzle with small handfuls of kitty treats every couple of days to keep kitty going back to the toy.

With these few simple inexpensive items, your cat will sure stayed entertained each and everyday.

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