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Video:Caring for a Pregnant Cat

with Holly Deambrosi

Cats need certain care during their pregnancy. Watch this helpful video to learn some tips on how to care for your pregnant cat.See Transcript

Transcript:Caring for a Pregnant Cat

Hi, I'm Holly Deambrosi for A cat owner knows that cats are quite independent, even if they're pregnant. But you can still do some things to help your cat through the 60 to 65 days of her pregnancy.

Have Your Pregnant Cat Checked by a Veterinarian

Early in the pregnancy, have your cat checked by a veterinarian. If your cat has been on medication, including treatments for fleas or worms, ask your veterinarian whether you should continue that medication. In general, it's best for a pregnant cat to avoid receiving medication, but follow what your veterinarian says for your particular cat. Do ask your vet whether your cat should receive a dietary supplement such as calcium.

Make sure that your pregnant cat has plenty of food and water. During the course of the pregnancy, gradually mix in more and more kitten food, which has more protein, fat, and calcium in it than regular cat food. It is common for pregnant cats to eat only kitten food during the last week of pregnancy. Toward the end of the pregnancy, a cat can eat twice as much as she did prior to the pregnancy.

Prepare Your Cat's Nesting Area

Prepare your cat's nesting area. It may be that your cat will choose an area for herself--perhaps an area underneath your bed--but she may be satisfied with your chosen area if you prepare it properly. Select a low-traffic area such as a closet or your laundry room. Set up cozy bedding with towels or a blanket, in a corner, in a cardboard box, or in a cat bed that you buy. Keep food, water, and a litter box fairly close to the nesting area.

Allow the Cat to Rest and Remain Indoors

During the last couple of weeks of the pregnancy, keep her indoors as much as possible. An outside delivery might expose the newborn kittens to cold weather and other outdoor dangers. Also, during these last weeks, do what you can to minimize her stress and to protect the additional rest time that she'll want. A smooth pregnancy will help your cat to be ready to care for her newborn kittens.

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