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Video:How to Properly Wash a Car

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Although washing a car may seem like a simple task, there are many tips and tricks in order to keep your car looking spotless. Learn how to wash your car, and keep it looking new.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Properly Wash a Car

Hi I'm Jamal Andress for and I'm here at 'The Tuning Spot' with Stuart Cunningham and today we're going to go over how to properly wash your car. So, Stuart, to get started can you just kind of tell me the first few steps to getting your car washed?

Make Sure You have the Proper Car Supplies

Yeah. The first thing you're going to need is a bucket to hold some water. It's always preferable to use two buckets to wash your car with. One is for the first go around to get off the really deep dirt and then the second bucket is going to be a cleaner one that you can go over everything with and that's just going to really, you know, make that finish shine. You're going to need some kind of detergent to wash it with. The best soap to use to wash your car is just ordinary car soap. You can get it at any major store, any hardware store, or any auto parts store, things like that. Just make sure it's car specific and that'll be a soft enough soap to not damage your cars finish.

Use a Sponge or a Mitt to Wash Your Car

And you're going to need a sponge or a rag or a brush, something like that that'll be car friendly. I recommend the use of a mitt rather than a sponge. Which ever way you want to do it make sure that you use a brand new mitt or brand new sponge, something that's clean and that doesn't have a layer of dirt already on it from a previous wash.I don't recommend using cheap towels, old t-shirts, anything like that. They're just not soft enough and again those can scratch your paint work.

Once you get all those things together what's your first step?

First step is really to decide what kind of cleaning of the car you want to do.

Douse Your Car with a Hose

It's going to be a lot easier if you've got a hose near the car somewhere and you can get those little squirter things with the different settings on it and just give you car a good dousing, first of off. That's just going to get everything wet.

Wash Car Wheels First

I recommend washing your wheels first, especially if they're really dirty and then just make sure you don't reuse that water to wash the rest of the car because it's going to have big chunks of dirt and brake dust in it and you want to get rid of that water before you use it to wash the rest of the car with.

Wash in Gentle Circles

Then you've got your bucket of soap and you start cleaning that off, just nice light circles. And then I recommend washing each section off at a time. Rather than doing the whole car and then washing it all off, it's going to be easier to wash, rinse off, and then work to a different section.

To Prevent Water Spots, Dry Car by Hand

So that you don't get those little water spots on there you're going to want to wipe off the car afterwards. Again there's different things you can use. I always use a shammy or a microfiber rag to do that and it'll help you avoid as many water spots as possible.

Are there any little known facts you can think of when washing your car that just helps you have a better result?

Mix Soap with Warm Water

Warm water, just run the warm water out of your tap. It will just lift the dirt off your car a little bit more.

Wash You Car on a Cloudy Day

Actually, the perfect time to wash your car is on a warm day but cloudy. If you've got cloud cover that's actually going to be the best time to do it because that sun is not going to impact on that and dry up and create these little spots.

You know, don't go scrubbing in real hard and using too much elbow grease. Go over it nice and lightly and if you have to do it twice because it's really dirty do it twice.

And obviously use your common sense on using soft products like the ones I've shown you to make sure you treat the paint with respect.

Thank you Stuart Cunningham and thank you to 'The Tuning Spot.' I believe we know everything we need to know about how to wash a car at this point. If you want any more information on auto mechanics be sure to check out

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