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Video:How to Clean the Car Dashboard

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In this video, learn how to effectively clean your dashboard of grit and grime, so you can have a dashboard that looks like new.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Clean the Car Dashboard

Hi, I'm Jamal Andress for and we're here at 'The Tuning Spot' with Stuart Cunningham. Today we're going to go over how to properly clean your dashboard.

To Wipe Dashboard, Use a Clean Rag

So what you need is, first of all, just a nice clean rag. I like to use a clean microfiber rag because it doesn't leave any lint but you can use a paper towel or something if you'd like to.

Use Vinyl-Safe, Multi-Purpose Cleaner

You need some sort of multi-purpose cleaner. Any auto-part store or any store that has an auto-part section is going to have this stuff. Just make sure that it's good for vinyl because that typically what your dashboard is going to be made of.

Shake the can, foam it up on the rag a little bit, and just wipe.

Vacuum Heavy Layers of Dirt

You know if this hasn't been done in a while and you've got nice, lots of layer of stuff you can get your vacuum out and give it a bit of a clean first before you get to this so that you're not just moving the dirt around.

I always recommend spraying it directly on the rag because that way it doesn't go all over your windscreen and everything inside your car.

Get in all the corners, get your dashboard, even your gear knob and stuff like that if you want to. Makes everything nice and black and shiny and clean. It'll be a better ride to work in the morning.

Thanks for watching our quick tip video on how to properly clean out your dashboard. Thank you Stuart and thank you to 'The Tuning Spot.' For more information on auto mechanics be sure to check out

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