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Video:Top 5 Pitfalls of Resumes

with Nick Jaynes

Want to learn about the top pitfalls of resumes that could be a deal-breaker for a job application? Here, see information about what to avoid when writing a resume.See Transcript

Transcript:Top 5 Pitfalls of Resumes

Hi I'm Nick Jaynes for About.com and this is what are the top 5 resume pitfalls. I'll be using information from the career-planning site on About.com.

Information About Pitfalls of Resumes

Your resume is very important. It is the first impression you make on a potential employer. Writing a resume isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do and there are a lot of mistakes you can make. Here are the top 5 pitfalls you can make when writing a resume.

Top 5 Pitfalls of Resumes

Number 1 – Failing to highlight your accomplishments. A hiring manager wants to know how you will benefit their company. You need to make sure you identify why you were an asset in your last position. Don't just make a list of your duties. Make sure to add in what you excelled at and what differences you made.

Number 2- including irrelevant or incorrect information. Many people are guilty of this one. Make sure to not include positions or skills that have no relevance to the job you are applying for. It sounds silly but proofread your resume to make sure there are no mistakes or outdated contact information. Misspellings or grammatical errors will get your resume thrown into the circular file very quickly.

Number 3 –Including an objective statement. An objective statement is about you when your application should be about the company. This should be excluded from most resumes. There are very rare instances when you would use an objective statement. If you are using a combination resume format then it may be acceptable but in most cases you should stray away from it.

Number 4 – Poor formatting. Many job seekers are guilty of this one. There are many resume formats to choose from but the biggest thing you need to think about when writing your resume is if it is easy to read. It's a simple philosophy. If a hiring manager finds it hard to read they will move on to the next one.

Number 5 – Lying on your resume – This is perhaps the biggest mistake job seekers make. Some people think that embellishing or lying will get you the job but the bottom line is if you lie you will be found out eventually. Employers do a lot of digging to make sure that everything on your resume is true. They call references and past employers to ensure everything you told them is correct. Lying about any of it will keep you in the unemployed line.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful and will help you avoid making mistakes when you write your resume. Thanks for watching if you'd like to learn more please visit us on the web at About.com
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