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Video:Tips for Writing a Business Email

with Nick Jaynes

Want to learn some great tips for writing a business email? Here, see helpful information that you may not have known, but certainly should.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Writing a Business Email

Hi I'm Nick Jaynes for About.com and this is how to write a business email. I'll be using information from the career-planning site on About.com.

Instructions for Writing a Business Email

You use email everyday to friends and family, but there are special tips for writing a professional business email. This means email etiquette is extremely important. Here are a few tips on how to write a business email. First, mind your manners. These are the same basic rules you learned growing up. Say please and thank you. Address people as Mr, Mrs or Dr. Only use first names if they imply it is ok.

More Tips for Writing a Business Email

Second, watch your tone. You want the email to come across as friendly and conversational. You do not want to sound demanding or aggressive. Make sure to avoid using CAPS as it may come across that you are actually yelling at the person.

More Instructions for Writing a Business Email

Third, be concise. Get to the point of your email as quickly as you can without leaving important details out. Your boss doesn't have time to read a novel. Ask any necessary questions, but be sure to keep the email brief. Next, be professional. Stay away from slang and abbreviations. It doesn't sound professional. If you absolutely have to you can use an emoticon, but typically you should avoid them. Also avoid using cute or suggestive language.

The biggest thing to make sure to do when writing a business email is to use correct spelling and proper grammar. Utilize the spellchecker that comes with your email program and write in a conversational tone. One of the biggest pet peeves business people have is reading an email with misspelled words and bad grammar. It's an easy fix since you control when you hit the send button. Also, if you are sending an email with an attachment make sure to ask the recipient if it is ok for you to send it to them. With so many viruses out there, people tend to use great caution when opening an attachment and may only open ones from people they know.

Finally wait to fill in the "TO" email address. Make sure that you have completely proofread your email and it is exactly how you want it before you fill in the address. This will keep you from accidently sending a premature email that is filled with mistakes. If you follow these easy tips you will be able to draft business emails in a professional and conversational way that will gain you valuable respect in the business world.

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