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Video:Tips for Transitioning Into a New Job

with Tim Tyrell-Smith

Want to learn a few great tips for transitioning into a new job? Here, see helpful information before your first day.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Transitioning Into a New Job

Hi I'm Tim Tyrell-Smith, Marketing Coach & Career Strategist at I'm here today on behalf of to discuss tips for transitioning into a new job.

Information About Transitioning Into a New Job

So you're about to start a new job. That's great news, right? But are you a bit nervous? Well, you might be because you're the new kid on the block, brand new at this new company. And for some it can be really overwhelming and quite stressful. So how do you make this transition a bit easier?

Tips for Transitioning Into a New Job

Well here are 7 tips to be able to make an easy transition into a new company. #1, The first tip is call around - find a friendly face. Use your network to find somebody that knows someone else at this new company. Maybe you go have a cup of coffee with them in advance of your first day. That will give you the friendly face you'd like to have when you first show up on day one.

#2, Next, make sure you take some time off in between your old job and the new job. This will give you some time to get some things done, to spend some time with your family, and relax before your first day on the new job.

#3, Think about this as a fresh start. A new opportunity with a brand new company, a chance to find more career victories and make some great new friends.

More Tips for Transitioning Into a New Job

#4, Don't feel pressure to make a big impact in your first week. Your job is to ask questions, to figure out where the bathroom is, and to really enjoy this new environment.

#5, What if you did a little bit of research on your new company? Go out and find their products, whether it's a product that you can buy at a grocery store or a product that you can buy online, and spend some time. Also learn a little bit about the new culture. You'll find out a lot about that company and can be ready to go once you get there.

#6, Here's a real practical one - get your favorite suit, your favorite outfit to the dry cleaner, to make sure it's ready on day 1. You don't want to go to work on your first day without feeling really comfortable.

#7, And finally make sure you plan the route to your new job. Whether you're taking a car, a train or a bus, know how to get to work, and make sure you get there on time. So use these tips to have a great first day at work.

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