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Video:Tips for Getting Along With Co-Workers

with Nick Jaynes

Learning how to get along with co-workers is a crucial element to keeping a job. Here, see tips for getting along with co-workers.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Getting Along With Co-Workers

Hi I'm Nick Jaynes for and this is how to get along with your coworkers. I'll be using information from the career-planning site on

Tips for Getting Along With Co-Workers

You will spend more time with your co-workers everyday than you might with your friends or family so it's very important that you get along with them. Those eight hours you spend with them everyday could seem like an eternity if you don't.

Steps for Getting Along With Co-Workers

The first step you want to take is to not discuss religious or political beliefs with your coworkers. The office is a place for business and it isn't the place for discussing very personal topics that could cause debates or even arguments. You coworkers also don't want to be pressured into believing what you do. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and shouldn't have to worry about them at work. This is the same for personal information. Be careful what you tell your co-workers as it may spread around the office. Your personal information is exactly that, your personal information. There is no need for you to share it with your coworkers.

Other Tips for Getting Along With Co-Workers

Another thing your coworkers shouldn't have to worry about is someone stealing food from the office fridge. It is a place to store everyone's food; it isn't your personal supermarket. This rule applies to the supply room as well. Those supplies are company property. It isn't your personal office supply superstore.

Next, don't gloat to your co-workers. If your boss gives just you a compliment keep it to yourself. Your fellow co-workers don't want to hear how great a job you did. If your boss wanted them to hear the compliment he or she would have said it in front of them. Everyone in the office loves a team player. Offer coworkers help if they are facing a tight deadline or if they are having trouble with a project. Your workplace can sometimes be a lot like high school with gossip. Do your best to stay away from it, and make sure not to spread any rumors about any of your co-workers. You want your co-workers to be able to trust you, if they think you will tell everybody everything you will quickly find yourself all alone.

You will also find yourself all alone if you blame others for mistakes. Being a good co-worker means taking responsibility for a mistake that you made. Don't try to point the finger or make excuses. Your peers and boss will respect you more if you take responsibility for what you did.Lastly, try not to complain around your coworkers. While many of you may want to vent about having a bad day, keeping it to yourself will be better in the long run. Don't complain about company policies and procedures, instead offer up ideas or solutions to fix things. If you follow these tips you will go father in your place of work with your career and your coworkers.

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