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Video:Career Profile: Flight Attendant

with Faiven Feshazion

Ever think about becoming a flight attendant? Watch this video to learn more about what it takes to be a flight attendant and having a career in flight.See Transcript

Transcript:Career Profile: Flight Attendant

Hi there, I’m Faiven Feshazion with and I’m here at New York’s La Guardia Airport here to tell you about what it takes to become a flight attendant and what to expect if you were to land a job in the skies.

Education Requirements for Flight Attendants

Most major airlines require at least a high school diploma and a minimum age requirement of 21 years old. Also, if you’re bilingual or trilingual, as many languages as you know, would definitely come in handy. Emergency response training is great. If you were a nurse, or an EMT, that also dramatically increases your chances.

Personality Traits of Flight Attendants

If you were lucky enough to get an interview to be a flight attendant, you would definitely need to emphasize how you stay calm and collected under pressure. Some people that say they would want to become a flight attendant -- they’re personal, they love interacting with people, which is great -- but because we’re the emergency response team, it’s more important that you stress those vital aspects of the job first.

A good flight attendant would definitely have a nurturing personality.  So someone who’s Type-A and doesn’t respond well to chaos, I don’t think would be a good fit. So definitely those who can stay calm and take care of things.

Flight Attendants' Schedules

The monthly schedule for a typical flight attendant varies greatly. If you were a new flight attendant, for the first couple of months you can expect to be on reserve which means you would probably just be on call and take the place of a senior flight attendant who is not there. The more you grow and as seniority goes up the ladder you can expect to have more day trips domestic -- so about three to four a week. After about twenty years or so you’ll have those five day international trips, in which case you’ll do about four of those a month. We don’t have people work more than six days consecutively according to the regulations.

The Flight Attendant's Role

From the moment a flight attendant arrives at the airport, they have to be ready for all the logistics that happen before a flight, so they have to be completely focused and prepared for example if there’s changes in security protocol, weather or even mechanical issues.

Regardless of whether or not you want to be a flight attendant, there’s a few things that I think people should know. One, is the rules -- we do not make them -- flight attendants just enforce them. They’re all tried and true and there’s definitely logic behind everything. Next is for on time departures and arrivals, it definitely matters to flight attendants too; some airlines don’t even pay flight attendants until the doors on the plane are closed. And finally -- we have a lot of fun with this one -- a carry-on is a carry-on. If it doesn’t fit, we have to check your bag.




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