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Video:Q&A: Performing a Passive Job Search

with Tim Tyrell-Smith

Want to learn about performing a passive job search? Here, see tips and tricks for making your efforts pay off.See Transcript

Transcript:Q&A: Performing a Passive Job Search

How to perform a passive job search. Want to find a new job while you already have one? This is a common problem for people who are employed, but aren't happy.

Ideas for a Passive Job Search

Here are 3 ideas to help you perform a passive job search. #1, Establish your job search objectives, including a list of target companies. That way you'll have a head start, and know what you want.

#2, Start attending local networking groups and offer to help people. By being out there, you will start to hear of leads for others that you can use for yourself.

Additional Idea for a Passive Job Search

#3, Get your resume and networking bio pulled together as well as networking business cards, and start sharing those with trusted colleagues. So if you're currently employed but aren't happy and want to find that new job, hopefully these tips can help you get your brand and your face out there in advance, to begin that process today.

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