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Video:How to Write a Noticeable Resume

with Nick Jaynes

The job hunt begins with your best resume. Hone your resume so that employers will notice your skills and bring your in for the job interview.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Write a Noticeable Resume

Hi I’m Nick Jaynes and this is How to write a noticeable resume. I’ll be using information found on the career-planning site on It’s time to start applying for jobs and you have to write your resume. You want to make sure your resume stands out in a positive way so it doesn’t end up in the circular file. Here are a few tips to make sure your resume is noticeable.

Keep Your Resume on One Page

> The first rule of thumb is to keep your resume to one page. Employers like to see that you are detailed and organized. Keeping all your information to one page tells them that. If they want to ask additional questions or require more information they will be sure to ask. Also, be sure to use resume style paper. Resume paper is usually thicker than regular white paper. It stands out and is more professional.

Update Your Resume

The second rule is to make sure the resume is up to date. It is very noticeable if it isn’t. Make sure you have your most recent employment on there so the employer knows that you are still working. Similar to this rule, make sure you list all the relevant information you can so your employer knows how much experience you have. It shows your boss you have grown your career over time.

Edit Your Resume for Errors and Relevancy

The third rule is to make sure you have no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. If you have errors your resume will get noticed very quickly and placed in the trash. It’s a very easy fix. Make sure to proofread your resume. The fourth rule is to choose the format that best suits your situation. There are a few different formats that are for specific career seekers. The most common are chronological, functional and combination formats. Choose the one that best fits the job you are looking for.

The fifth rule is to ensure you highlight all your accomplishments in a concise way. Don’t just list the jobs you had, make sure you tell your employer how you made a difference at your previous jobs. Highlight leadership roles and skills you may possess. The sixth rule is to make sure your resume is consistent, concise and easy to read. Make sure your formatting is all lined up. Bullet points and indentations need to be aligned as well as all your headings. Make sure all fonts are the same throughout. Stay away from bold and italicized font.

Hopefully this video will help you when you sit down and write your resume. Good luck with your job search. Thanks for watching, if you’d like to learn more please visit us on the web at
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