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Video:How to Get Along With Difficult People at Work

with Nick Jaynes

No matter what your job is, there will always be people you work with who you'll have trouble getting along with. Here's a guide to doing your best to get along with difficult people at work.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Get Along With Difficult People at Work

Hi, I'm Nick Jaynes for, and this is how to get along with difficult coworkers. I'll be using information from the Career-Planning site on You aren't necessarily going to like everyone you work with. However, you have to find ways to get along with them. Here are some tips on how to get along with some of those difficult coworkers.

Difficult People at Work: Chatterboxes and Gossips

One of the most common difficult coworkers can be "the chatterbox." This person usually means well, but wants to talk your ear off and share every thought he or she has. It's in all good-natured, but it is preventing you from doing your work. To avoid conflict, simply say that you'd love to hear his or her stories another time, and that you have a lot of work to do. Tell the person you'd like to have lunch this week or take a designated break with them to talk. Another difficult person at work is similar to the chatterbox. They are known as "the gossip." The gossip seems to know everything about everybody, and he or she wants to share it with you. If this person comes to you, you should listen but make sure to just listen and to not share any of the material you hear. You don't want to turn into a gossip. If you feel uncomfortable, change the subject and talk about non-work material.

Difficult People at Work: Complainers and Delegators

Changing the subject usually works in most cases, especially when dealing with "the complainer" at work. Every workplace is sure to have a complainer. This person will find a reason to complain about anything, whether it's his job, family, friends or life in general. If you change the subject, this person will get the point. Now, onto the two toughest people to deal with at the office. The first is "the delegator." This person is someone who wants to share his own work with his coworkers. If you work in an office where your boss just delegates work, this can be very frustrating, since the person is clearly trying to pawn off his or her work. You must stay strong in these cases and simply decline his or her request for you to help. Make sure to tell him you are swamped and have your own work to do.

Difficult People at Work: Credit Grabbers

Finally, the toughest person to deal with at work is "the credit grabber." This person does not acknowledge help he or she receives from others. She takes all the praise for herself without mentioning the team. This is extremely frustrating to everyone on the team. If this happens once, mention to him or her that they should alert others of the team's participation. If it is a constant habit, you must be proactive and tell others of the role you and the team played. If it becomes too frustrating, do your best to avoid working with that person. Hopefully, this guide will help you survive the workplace. Remember, always be cordial when you can and never lose your cool. The last thing you want is a blow up at work.

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