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Video:How to Assess if a Career Matches Your Personality

with Tim Tyrell-Smith

Learn how to assess if a career matches your personality before you accept a job in that field.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Assess if a Career Matches Your Personality

Hi I'm Tim Tyrell-Smith, Marketing Coach & Career Strategist at TimsStrategy.com. I'm here today on behalf of About.com to talk to you about how to assess if a career matches your personality.

Information About How to Assess if a Career Matches Your Personality

Have you ever thought about your own personal brand? What makes you unique? Well here are 4 ways to think about how your personal brand and your personality can play into your career choice.

Assessing if a Career Matches Your Personality

So the first thing I'll ask you is: What is your preferred work style? Do you like to work in a big group with a lot of people, or would you much rather be in a smaller group? Even still, would you like to work all by yourself? You need to know this about yourself before you make a decision on your career. # 2 is kind of related to #1: How social are you? Do you like to work with your door closed? Or do you like to be out and about with everybody? Does social interaction mean that you love to have input from other people? If so, think about that as well, when you make your career choice. The third one is: Are you comfortable in the public eye? Some careers and some jobs require you to actually be out and about, standing up in front of people.

More Information About Assessing if a Career Matches Your Personality

So think about the way you like to work. Would you rather be in your office quietly working behind the scenes, or do you want to be the leader, standing out front giving presentations? Those are key questions for you to ask as you choose your career. Do you thrive under pressure? Do you like having a lot of deadlines every week? Then maybe you need to be a lawyer, or a newspaper reporter where the deadline is part of the job. Or maybe you don't like the pressure, and you'd rather be a paralegal, someone who has a regular, consistent delivery of results. So answer these questions for yourself and you'll have a much better sense of who you are and the kind of environment you like to work in.

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