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Video:Day in the Life: Wedding Planner

with Brian Green

A wedding planner has countless responsibilities, and his day can change from moment to moment. Here's a video explaining some of the more common daily duties of a wedding planner.See Transcript

Transcript:Day in the Life: Wedding Planner

Wedding Planners Must Stay in Touch With Clients

On any given day, I start by checking any overnight emails and checking voice messages that we receive. The goal at F & G Weddings is to make sure that we have returned emails and voice messages within 24 hours. Clients want to know that we are always advancing the ball forward, making things happen. Once calls and emails have been returned, we check in with clients whose weddings are the closest so that they know we are there and that everything is going smoothly. Next, I check in with the caterer, my floral team to make sure that everything is going according to plan.

Wedding Planners Must Keep a Timeline

Of course, on a daily basis I'm making sure that those things that have to happen on my timeline have been accomplished. Closer to the event date, I create a day of event timeline. The greatest part about this job is that no two days are alike. A day can be as mundane as going over contracts to ensure brides are getting the most for their money, or as crazy and fun as getting a mani-pedi with my bride because I want us to have a bond. You are with them the longest, so the bond must be great. Essentially, it is your responsibility to be the bride's best friend.

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