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Video:Day in the Life: Forensic Technician

with Mike Brown

Forensic Technicians do everything from research in the lab to collecting evidence in the field. In this video, learn about the day in the life of a Forensic Technician.See Transcript

Transcript:Day in the Life: Forensic Technician

Hi my name is Mike Brown, forensic technician in South Florida and I am here to talk about my daily routine for 

Forensic Technician Equipment

When I'm in the lab I spent much of my day examining a lot of evidence. A lot of this evidence consists of physical evidence, chemical evidence, and DNA evidence. Much of my job involves that I use highly scientific equipment such as microscopes, computer software and even 3D modeling to recreate bodies. 

Forensic Technician and Research

When I'm out of the office I'm often times at court, much of what I do a court involves me writing detailed reports that are submitted to the judge and the prosecution and much of that evidence is used as an expert witness and can dictate the outcome of a lot of cases. 

When I'm not in court I'm often times in the field, when I'm in the field that requires a lot of attention to detail, I often times have to collect evidence right away because the more the evidence stays out the less accurate our results can be. Some of the evidence we get at the field would be hairs, DNA and sometimes hazardous materials, so we always use safety and proper precaution when collecting stuff that's going to be later examined in the lab. 

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