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Video:Common Mistakes to Avoid in Professional E-mails

with Nick Jaynes

There are some common mistakes to avoid in professional e-mails. Here, learn what they are and how to avoid them.See Transcript

Transcript:Common Mistakes to Avoid in Professional E-mails

Hi I'm Nick Jaynes for About.Com and this is Common Mistakes to Avoid in Professional Emails. I'll be using information found on About.Com's career planning website.

Information About Professional E-mails

In the professional world, email is one of the main forms of communication, and having strong email etiquette is very important. While it may be easy to think that you are a master at sending emails here are some common mistakes that you should avoid when sending professional emails.

What Mistakes to Avoid in Professional E-mails

The first rule is very easy. Make sure that your email contains no misspellings or grammatical errors. Make sure to fully proofread before you hit the send button. Also make sure to utilize the spellcheck built into your email. Most email programs come with spellcheck now to make life much easier. Spelling mistakes and errors can occur but you have the power to change them before you send that email out. Professionals you are writing too may look down on you if they see any mistakes in the email. It might show that you rushed while typing, and didn't take the proper time to pay attention to them.

Additional Mistakes to Avoid in Professional E-mails

The next rule to follow is to make sure the tone of your email is the tone you want to set. Setting tone in an email is difficult and most people don't know how to do it properly. You want to avoid sending an email and just asking for what you need immediately. Make sure to send the person a short greeting so the email has a warmer tone to it. Also never use CAPS in an email. It tells the recipient that you are yelling. Also, try to not use slang and never abbreviate in emails. Above all never use any type of offensive language at all. Even though your friends may like it, your co workers will not appreciate it at all. One of the biggest mistakes people make is writing too long of emails. Your supervisors don't have much time to read long emails. Make sure to get to the point and be concise. Ask only the questions you need an answer to without writing them a novel.

Another easy mistake people make is naming their email something provactive or using a nickname. Professionals who don't know you may not find your name funny and may stray away from doing business with you. The easiest thing to do is use a variation of your name. For example if your name is John Smith, use Jsmith or JohnS@email.com. Lastly remember to be polite. It is one of the easiest mistakes to avoid since you should practice it on a daily basis anyway. Remember to use please and thank you whenever you can. If you avoid making these mistakes your email etiquette will be second to none.

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