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Video:Careers in Medicine

with Charles Collier

Careers in medicine require an advanced degree in addition to a four year undergraduate education. Here is a video profile of some of the most popular careers in medicine.See Transcript

Transcript:Careers in Medicine

Hi, I'm Charles Collier for I'm here to give you an overview of careers in medicine.

Types of Careers in Medicine

There are over 250 health professions one can choose from. However, arguably, medicine is the crown jewel of the field. Examples of career options in medicine are physician, dentistry and nursing. To obtain your dental degree, you will first need to complete four years of a bachelor's undergraduate degree. Then, enter dental school where you will complete three additional years and even more years with special training in a special area. For nursing, you can complete two years of your undergraduate degree then enter into a nursing program or you can get your full four year undergraduate degree before entering a nursing program.

Types of Physicians

There are two types of physicians. One is the MD degree and the other, DO degree. The MD, or the Allopathic physician, is commonly known as our family physician. Whereas the DOs, or doctors of osteopathic medicine, are physicians that treat the whole person and are more interested in preventative medicine. The mandatory courses that are expected to enter any of the health professions are biology, chemistry, physics, and usually a full year of English. Over 50 percent of students who are interested in the health professions are majoring in biology or one of the other natural sciences like chemistry or physics.

And that's it for an overview of careers in medicine. For more information, visit

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