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Video:Careers for Science Majors

with Jonathan Stewart

Science majors enjoy a versatile and highly sought-after job market after undergraduate study. Here are a few great careers for science majors.See Transcript

Transcript:Careers for Science Majors

Today's job market needs more science majors than ever, who can help expand the technology and innovation to move industries and the world forward. Here are a few hot job for science majors to keep in mind when planning your career trajectory.

Many Good Careers for Life Science Majors

When it comes to science, there are many pathways you can follow. If your major is in a life science like biology, you might consider a fulfilling role as a doctor or specialized physician by continuing on through graduate and medical school. You might also decide to work as a pharmacist, dealing with patient prescriptions and understanding how medicines can treat various ailments.

Other choices include working as a biological or forensic scientist, which combines various interests to better understand the human body and even help solve crimes. All of these jobs pay exceedingly well but require years of formal training and experience.

Career Opportunities for Chemistry Science Majors

Other science careers might be related to chemistry. You might become that mad scientist working in a lab, or you might work outdoors to ensure the quality of our water supply. You might also help to create a new type of product or medicine. These jobs typically require graduate school but can pay quite well depending on the specific field.

Careers for Environmental Science Majors Are Rapidly Growing

One of the fastest growing scientific fields involves environmental science. The growing concern over climate change and the issues impacting natural resources mean that there is a strong demand for students who want to pursue this field. You may be working on air or water pollution, soil quality, or climate change solutions with a company or in a public sector position. Again, a graduate level degree in biology or environmental science is generally required for jobs that average $65,000 and higher.

Careers for Geological Science Majors

Then, there are those of you who might be interested in studying rocks or water as a geoscientist or hydrologist. You might like the weather and can make a great living as a meteorologist either behind the scenes or on the small screen. These jobs typically require master's level or higher degrees and generally pay from $50,000 and higher.

Careers for Science Majors Can Also Include Engineering

Science degrees are also helpful if you're interested in an engineering technician or manager role in industries like aerospace or in roles like an electrical engineer or mechanical engineer. These jobs are available for two-year and four-year degreed candidates while more complex roles will require higher level degrees.

Technical Writing Is a Growing Career for Science Majors

And, in showing how writers are admired and desired in every field, one of today's fastest growing careers for science majors is that of a technical writer. This role can cross all scientific field positions, including life, environmental, engineering, and geological sciences. Technical writers can work on-site or as a freelancer, making as much as the low six figures, depending on the level and quantity of work they are willing to take on.

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