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Video:Careers for Psychology Majors

with Jonathon Stewart

Want to learn about the various careers for psychology majors? Here, see helpful information if you're planning a career in this field.See Transcript

Transcript:Careers for Psychology Majors

Getting a degree in psychology doesn't always mean you'll end up with your own practice or become a researcher. Today's field of career opportunities for psychology majors is expansive and diverse. Here are some career paths to consider.

Information About the Careers for Psychology Majors

If you're a psychology major, then hopefully you already know that you are studying the human mind to figure out how it works and, often, why it doesn't work quite the way it should. The field of psychology also attempts to understand the human mind as a way to determine what people want or why they make certain decisions. As such, many jobs involve clinical work and research. These are the traditional jobs for this field, including psychotherapist, youth or student counselor, and social worker.

Facts About Careers for Psychology Majors

There are also other jobs that fall into the clinical field that you may not be as familiar with like a behavior analyst, mental health case manager, substance abuse counselor, and career advisor. These jobs are real-world links to the field of psychology where theory can be tested and assessed on the human minds in social, educational, and business environments. Then, there are the more theoretical, behind-the-scenes careers related to research. These involve more analytical and critical thinking, and often devising or conducting studies to test and develop assumptions. This work even includes looking at the chemical and biological make-up of the human brain, and often dovetails with the hard sciences. Research psychologists are often engaged in funded research that takes place in a university setting. The research pathway often leads graduate students to teaching or other academic positions.

Other Types of Careers for Psychology Majors

Other research jobs include lab assistants and grant writers, which assist in expanding research opportunities related to psychology. If you are interested in applying your psychology knowledge to a role in the business world, there are also numerous career paths to consider that combine both interests. Because companies want to sell their products and services to consumers, it helps to know what motivates people to make certain purchase decisions. Therefore, a marketing or advertising firm is one direction while sales positions and Human Resources management roles are other potential career choices.

Whatever you choose, be sure to check specific requirements for each career as some require graduates degree while others don't. You may also want to consider getting a minor in another field, such as business or communications, to expand your practical skill set and knowledge base. Who knows, as a psych major, you might even be able to corner a gig as a how-to host for online videos.

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