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Video:Career Profile: Grammar School Teacher

with Melissa Underwood.

Grammar school teachers have a unique responsibility of being a leader and role model to young kids. Learn more about the different aspects of being a grammar school teacher with this insightful career profile.See Transcript

Transcript:Career Profile: Grammar School Teacher

My name is Melissa Underwood for I’m an elementary school teacher. Today I would like to tell you some of the things you might encounter in a job like mine.

Teachers' Responsibilities

Every single day I have to make sure that I know what I’m going to be doing, in every subject area. Reading, spelling, writing, math, science and social studies. Make sure all of those things are set for every part of the day. It's all planned out. It’s a lot of time at home and it varies per teacher. I say I bring my work home every single night. Grading that they have done during the day. Grades that get entered into the computer.

Teaching Require Planning

Pretty much every Sunday night I'm sitting down and thinking about my next week and what I’m going to do. Planning it all out, writing it down. Committee work takes extra time after school. Teachers have a regular forty hour week but we are working a lot more. Other responsibilities include general things, correcting papers, grading papers, entering grades, parent conferences, meeting with parents, telephone calls...all of those things that people don’t think about. So it’s not a job where you come in and sit and do your work and go home. It goes way beyond in to your regular life to.

Teachers are Role Models for Students

At the elementary level making sure you connect with the kids. To me that’s a really big thing. If I have a good relationship with the kids and I know where they are coming from and I know the things that they like, then I can interact with them better and work on ways to get them to do things for me that they might not otherwise want to.

You need organization. Organization is huge because in your class room itself and moving students from place to place. Creativity is another trait that I think people need. In my opinion that’s important because the more creative you are, the more you can capture the interests of the students and keep them engaged in what they are doing.

How to Become a Teacher

The educational requirements, it’s four years of college, and within those four years your learning how to teach reading, teach writing, social studies and science. All of those things plus the traditional classes. You also have to do student teaching, where you go into the classroom. Your with another teacher for a period of two months and that teacher is a mentor for you are kind of under the teacher's wing and learning how to do these things so you can go out on your own.

I love teaching. The pro’s of the job are just being with the kids and making those connections. That’s the best part. The stories I can tell about the kids and there wisdom. I have kids now that are in their twenties and I still talk about them or they come in to visit.The cons of the job really is the time. It takes so much time to be a teacher and I don’t think people realize all the time planning and all the time outside the classroom. To learn more check us out on the web at

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