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Video:Alternatives to Quitting Your Job

with Tim Tyrell-Smith

Have you considered alternatives to quitting your job? There may be some that you haven't considered. Watch this video from to learn about other options.See Transcript

Transcript:Alternatives to Quitting Your Job

Hi I'm Tim Tyrell-Smith, Marketing Coach and Career Strategist with

Today I'm here on behalf of to talk to you about alternatives to quitting your job. So quitting your job is kind of a big decision. There are financial, social and emotional outcomes that you really need to think through before you move ahead.

Before You Quit Your Job

And before you decide to quit, make sure you have considered the following alternatives:

1. What about an internal transfer? Is there a job in another department that you could take?

2. Ask your boss about new responsibilities. He or she might really appreciate that.

3. You can ask for a raise, or a promotion. And if you do it right, you might actually solve a problem for your boss, and make yourself a little bit more money at the same time.

More Alternatives to Quitting Your Job

4. See if you can get on a cross-functional team and bring some variety to your work.

5. If things really get bad, you can ask for a short period of unpaid leave to think through exactly what you want to do next.


Things to Consider Before Quitting

So if you don’t ask for or look for alternatives, you might miss an obvious opportunity to stay where you are, while improving your work satisfaction. While leaving the company might be your best final decision, you’ll feel better knowing that you thought it through.

Thanks for watching. To learn more about alternatives to quitting your job or other career topics, visit us online at

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