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Video:How to Make Fondant Flowers For Cakes

with Lisa Mansour

Shaping flowers from fondant will make your cake beautiful and elegant. See how to make quick and easy fondant flowers.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Fondant Flowers For Cakes

Hi, I’m Lisa Mansour with New York Cake here in Manhattan. Here for Today I’m going to show you how to make quick and easy fondant flowers.

What You'll Need

To make quick and easy fondant flowers you’ll need some flower cutters. This is a daisy flower cutter, a blossom cutter, blossom veiner, a ball tool, paint brush, some gum Arabic and some petal dusts. And a flower former, a rolling pin, and a palette knife. And a sponge.

Roll Out Fondant

Ok, the first thing we’re going to do is take a piece of fondant. We’re going to roll it out on our mat. We’re going to take our cutter and just cut out. One, two, just peel off the excess. Take a little palette knife and we lift them up.

Place in Flower Former

But what I’m going to do is place them in these formers to give them a little shape. So when they dry they dry with a little curve to it. Also, take your ball tool and press in the center of each petal. And just smooth out the edges a little. Give a little indentation. The place it in your former.

Brush on Color

When they’re dry you’re going to take a little petal dust. I like to let them dry overnight so I would make them a day in advance. Take a little brush and just brush on the color. Or, you could even take a little yellow and make a little ball if you want. Take a little frosting tack a little dot on the bottom and glue them on. To make them stick to the cake I just use a little bit of icing with a number four tip. It serves as a glue. And then you could just place them on the cake.

Making Daisies

Okay, another flower you can make is daisies. Take a little small piece of gum paste, put it on your mat, and roll it thin. Take your daisy cutter and cut them out. Take your palette knife and lift it off the board and place it on your sponge. We’re going to use a veining tool. On the center of each petal we’re going to slightly push. And it’ll give a vein on each petal. And you let them dry on a flower former. Next, there in our formers, next we’re just going to roll out a small piece of yellow and stick it on.

Gluing Flowers to Cake

Now what we use to stick on – fondant to fondant is something called gum glue. And what you do is you take equal parts of water and gum Arabic. So, I have about a teaspoon of water inside there and I’m going to put a teaspoon of Gum Arabic and it kind of gets a little thick. And then, that’s our glue. It's an edible gum glue. So, we take a little bit of gum glue with a brush, and we’re going to flatten it out slightly.

Dip it in a little petal dust. Soften it a little bit. Put it in the center of our daisy. Then when they’re dry you just place it on the cake with slome frosting or gum glue. Put a little gum glue or frosting on your cake. And stick them on your cake.

Making Blossoms

The next option is a blossom, which is a larger flower – so you don’t have to make as many on your cake. So you take a little bigger piece of fondant, roll it out, take your cutter, make your cut outs all the way to the edges. And we have a veiner that we’re just going to lift it in. It’ll give the veins and also shape it. So this makes a quick and very easy flower. And you line it up and push. And when you take it out you have a shaped flower and just let it dry. See how it gives a form for you. Kind of a short cut.

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